Check the Rules!

1979 is replacing 1972 in general rule 1,

At this time RPM monitors as voted and approved upon at AGM 2020 is postponed TBD

The "Grace" Rule has changed

President's Message

Hi Everyone, On behalf of the OVTPA we look forward to seeing you this 2021 season offering you place to pull. Again we thank our sponsors, members and those clubs, societies, organizations and our pulling family. Another thank you is extended to those who participate locally, thru membership, volunteering, and participating. We will be sanctioning events this year for all vintage tractor enthusiasts and collectors to enjoy and participate. Please pay close attention to our rule changes, especially our new defining year of 1979.

The 2021 AGM has elected the BOD for 2021 please refer to the contacts

- Rod Teskey,, OVTPA President

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